Why Most Diet & Fitness Programs Fail

By Justin Culver

Co-Founder BeneFIT Medical Apparel

So Why Do Most Diet & Fitness Programs Fail?

Why Is America The Most Obese Nation In The History Of Forever?

In today’s world, rarely do any diet and fitness programs work. So what’s the reason for their shocking rate of failure? Why do people show up go the gym in droves early January only to disappear like Yoda come March?

I’m glad you asked…

We hear it a lot, and we’re sure you have too – Someone joins a gym…purchases a membership and then lets it perish without a thought.

Or maybe someone takes up a diet and then returns to gluttony and crushes that honey bun that’s been glaring at them through the vending machine glass the next week.

Or what about that one friend that drops a ton of money on fancy name-brands for morning routines and then just wears the expensive gear around the house all day crushing Friends re-runs on Netflix, spreading their Cheetos dust all over the couch remote…

This virus is all around us – Humans make grand claims and resolutions to lose weight and start a diet and fitness routine all the time….they join gyms, find workout partners and even hire personal trainers…only to fail themselves.

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