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Thermogenic Foods:

I’m hesitant to even speak about this topic, as I’ve heard thermogenic foods discussed by some individuals as some sort of magic potion or a life hack to increase your metabolism and burn fat.

But if it’s true, thermogenic foods may help increase your metabolism and caloric expenditure by enhancing thermogenesis, a process in which the body burns calories during the digestion of the foods you have just eaten.

Another way to say this is that all foods take your body a certain amount of calories/energy to digest. Some foods take more calories/energy to digest than others, and some may even speed up your metabolism as a side effect.

Even if this is all true, and I hope it is, remember: it’s still just a small part of the 20% and shouldn’t be used as an excuse to consume an abundance of calories. Creating a caloric deficit (the 80%) is the real key to burning fat, not thermogenic foods themselves.


A calorie is by definition the amount of energy required to raise 1 cubic cm of water 1 degree Celsius. A calorie, for all its use in current diet language, is a measure of energy. The theory of thermogenesis, which to me is so incredibly unpersuasive, and not backed by strong, replicable studies, is that certain foods, when consumed, produce more heat in your body. Your body will react to this heat in ways like increasing your heart rate, vasodilation, and, the theory goes, increasing your basal metabolic rate. In my opinion, there isn’t any convincing science to back this theory.

Even if it’s a placebo, it’s still a ritual…it’s like spot reduction…you don’t necessarily have to crush your abs everyday to have a six pack…but the people who do often have six packs…or maybe I should say the six packs often crush their abs everyday…it’s a bit chicken or the egg.

In any case, eating spicy foods in hopes they are thermogenic can’t hurt. And if you happen to enjoy a little spice in your life, then all the better! I may douse my chicken and rice with some hot sauce right now.

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