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By Justin Culver

Co-Founder & CSO, BeneFIT Medical Apparel

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How the paradox of choice can be a showstopper:

Why should you use the Eisenhower Matrix? Well, when faced with an unlimited amount of choices one can become paralyzed. One can even be caught in a never-ending flurry of non-effective activities. So, that’s where the Eisenhower Matrix (of President Eisenhower/Supreme Allied Commander fame) comes into play.

The Eisenhower Matrix is a tool and when used properly this tool acts as a force multiplier. This tool helps you structure your thoughts and prioritize your execution strategy by breaking down what is Important Vs Urgent, and what is not.

The Eisenhower Matrix (Important):

Tasks which contribute directly to your short, medium and long term personal and or business goals. Important cannot be skipped and often times cannot or should not be delegated or outsourced.

Think of your workout routine and your diet or spending quality time with your family. These important things have to be accomplished by you and you only.

Or what about customer service from a business owner’s point of view? A company should never outsource their customer service if they wish to maintain the closest connection with their customers and have the best chance of solving their problems and helping them achieve their needs and wants.

This is why BeneFIT Medical Apparel has made customer service a core competency (along with our awesome medical scrubs) and have chosen not to outsource our customer service in the form of emails, phone calls or social media comments and messages to third parties. We prefer to speak with  our customers directly so that we may provide you with the very best service possible! What other Founders of major companies can say that? None.

The Eisenhower Matrix (Urgent):

Tasks which often are perceived as important, but most likely have little carry over into meaningful contribution, especially towards long term goals. So, think random cell phone calls, random emails or text messages while your driving.

If the call is important, they’ll leave a voicemail or text. And any text is certainly not worth reading or responding to while driving. Or think random haters on social media. Ignore or block these people.

When it comes to identifying what is urgent within the Eisenhower Matrix, remember, the perception of urgency is just that, perception. So, beware of these time, energy and money vampires. And the worst part of it is, knocking out a mountain of these “urgent” task can make one feel productive without actually being effective at anything other that being busy.


While using the Eisenhower Matrix, your priorities in life do change, and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish when these conflicting priorities live in the gray area. It’s important to realize that this is normal. Most things live somewhere on a continuum, as life is dynamic, not static. So, use the Eisenhower Matrix to help cut through the fog and take command of your life.

In conclusion, when in doubt, just execute. Then over time track whether your actions and tasks are actually important and making a real impact of your fitness, health, business, professional life or personal life. So, follow the Eisenhower Matrix below and crush your goals.

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