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Scrub Squads: The Halo Effect

By Justin Culver

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

BeneFIT Medical Apparel


 “Glamour, although the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured. Not real glamour; it’s based on femininity.”-Marilyn Monroe

Success breeds success. Birds of a feather flock together. If you look like a duck, talk like a duck, act like a duck, you’re a duck. How many more clichés can I throw at you? Cliché or not, who you surround yourself with, spend the most time with, and let into your mind will be the people you are most like.

This is why you should surround yourself with a worthy Scrub Squad (the people you spend the most time with and let into your mind). This is why today I’m not going to talk to you about training your body, but about training you mind.

I once heard that if you take the IQ, education level, and salaries of the five people you spend the most time with, add them all together and divide by five, you will get pretty dang close to your own numbers.

This is why you should surround yourself with a worthy Scrub Squad.


I believe this average-of-five theory came from the famous Life Coach Jim Rhon, though I’ve heard it said in many ways by many others. But the point of the average-of-five theory is that people (YOU) can and will be a product of their (YOUR) environment.


This is why you should surround yourself with a worthy Scrub Squad.


So protect yourself from the weak-minded, the crabs in the buckets, the haters in your personal and professional lives. A person who is a king or queen of their own life, who also happens to have mastered his or her Healthcare Profession is likely to be successful in other areas of their lives as well.


This success will create a Halo Effect for some people, and a reverse Halo Effect for others. And I assure you of this like a Stark warning, “Winter is coming,” the moment you first start benefiting from hanging around your worthy Scrub Squad, you will start casting a Halo Effect and reverse Halo Effect on all who surround you. You will be a beacon, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the EDM lights at a Skrillex concert.  


So what’s the Halo Effect, you may ask?


The Halo Effect was coined by the psychologist, Edward Thorndike. Wikipedia and other sites have great articles about the Halo Effect if you really want to study it more deeply. But I’ll paraphrase what the Halo Effect means to me:


It means some people will see a successful person doing great things that seem impossible, and as a result, everything that person says or does (even if they’re wrong) will seem like pure golden truths sent from the heavens above (hence the angelic ‘Halo’ Effect).


The Halo Effect is a form of cognitive bias…


We see it in the media when good-looking, hip, funny, successful celebrities endorse products or brands.  


A particular celebrity may have no clue whether the product is good or not. They may have never even used it before. But because they’re being paid to say they love the product, their Halo Effect will enhance the perception of the product they’re bragging about.


As a result of their Halo Effect branding the product they’re endorsing, thousands or millions of fans influenced by this celebrity will be swayed to purchase the product.


I’ve also seen the Halo Effect in action in actual everyday life, and you may have also.


I’ve seen good-looking women and men saying the most outlandish, boring, or ignorant things to friends, acquaintances, or strangers. But because of their glamour (their extreme attractiveness) everything they say sounds more insightful to their groupies.


Every joke they murmur seems funnier. Everything they wear seems in style. Every new band they like, their groupies also like. These people are trend-setters.


“So, Justin,” you might ask, “What’s your point?”


My point is, as a king or queen of your life, you want to create a Halo Effect yourself, while also recognizing when it’s being produced by others around you.


But unlike some Halo Effects, when you produce one for yourself, I want your Halo Effect to be backed by substance, virtue, worth, and value.


This substance, virtue, worth, and value will be sowed, cultivated, and reaped by your Scrub Squad (the people you surround yourself with most).


If you fail to recognize when a Halo Effect is being produced by someone with little or no substance, virtue, worth or value, this can cause a negative impact on your life and/or Healthcare career if you’re seduced by it.


Halo Effects can be like the Death Star’s tractor beam–they can suck you in if you get too close. Then some rando storm trooper or even Darth Vader will burn you down.


But if you’re self-aware of the Halo Effect phenomenon, then you can adjust accordingly and not be seduced by its power. Being seduced by the Halo Effect, or casting one without substance, virtue, worth, and value is a path to the Dark Side used by con-artists, fakes, and frauds.


In the coming weeks I’ll blog more about the reverse Halo Effect and other tools of the Dark Side, for not only must you train your body, you must also have a 6-Pack of the Mind…


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You are the Healthcare Professional of the Future!



“Yes, we absolutely have the best scrubs on the planet…but that’s meaningless to me unless they’re also being worn by the best Healthcare Professionals on the planet.”-James Reynolds, Co-Founder and CEO BeneFIT Medical Apparel

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It’s Time To Elevate Your Scrubs Game!

By Justin Culver

Chief Strategy Officer

BeneFIT Medical Apparel

Have you ever been dissatisfied with your scrubs? Have you ever cried out for more, wishing and hoping someone would just invent a great set of scrubs designed with quality, comfort and performance in mind?

As educated Healthcare Professionals, you know the importance of living a proactive healthy lifestyle and the impact it has on your personal and professional lives. 

Consider a Healthcare Professional who doesn’t practice a healthy lifestyle; now consider the negative impact it may have on their patients. Are these Healthcare Pros practicing what they preach? Is it possible patients sense an underlying hypocrisy from the very people they trust their health and lives to?

As an educated Healthcare Pro, you know the advantages of being proactive with health versus being purely reactive. The Healthcare Industry has reached a level of sophistication and effectiveness in treating patients that has never been achieved in all of human history, but only on the reactive side, not the proactive. With your help, BeneFIT will change this huge error in the current Healthcare Industry, and help this generation of Healthcare Professionals shape the Healthcare Industry of the future.

The time for YOU to lead is NOW.


BeneFIT Medical Apparel has heard the screams of a generation of Healthcare Pros wanting a voice…and we’ve listened. So we’ve flipped the switch on the traditional medical scrubs forever by creating the world’s first athletic fit medical scrubs designed specifically with the needs and wants of the proactive health and fitness conscious Medical Pro in mind.


Are you tired of mediocre?


So are we.


Our athletic fit medical scrubs provide a perfect blend of quality, comfort and performance with a heavy sprinkle of fashion, so that you may show your colleagues, your patients, and the world itself what you’re all about.


The days of the boxy, sloppy, ill-fitting scrubs are dead. The days of conforming to the masses have departed. The days of being unheard are extinct. The days of the health conscious Healthcare Pro and BeneFIT Medical Apparel has arrived.


You, the proactive health and fitness conscious Healthcare Pro are the future.


The time for you to Elevate Your Scrubs Game is Now!!!


Join the Medical Revolution and reserve your athletic fit scrubs today at

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How Tulsa Air Force Veterans Launched the Most Popular Scrub Brand in the U.S..

When you think of medical scrubs you think of boxy, baggy, sloppy looking garments that resemble a trash bag or potato sack which doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have to wear on a daily basis. But Why? Why has no one taken the time to develop something WAY better for those that deserve the highest level of comfort and confidence to perform at their highest level?

Scrubs are a uniform, a status symbol which represent what medical professionals do for a living day-in and day-out taking care of other’s needs. It’s like seeing a businessman in a suit, officer in their uniform, or military member in their fatigues. By seeing their specific uniform you can easily identify that they are a highly trained, intelligent individual that is proud of what they do. The uniforms just listed are all legit, so why did scrubs get left out of the “cool” category?

Team BeneFIT thought the same thing…so they did something about it!

Insert BeneFIT Medical Apparel

BeneFIT Medical Apparel is a Veteran Owned and Operated Company which develops and distributes athletically engineered medical scrubs which are inspired by active wear. They are designed specifically for maximum performance on the job while still maintaining a professional appearance. Just imagine your favorite workout clothes that are lightweight, breathable, and functional and apply that concept and technology to medical apparel and you have a set of BeneFIT scrubs. BeneFIT scrubs were created to bring a better quality, better functioning scrub to the market. A scrub that Medical Professionals would look forward to wearing on a daily basis, not only in their respected work environments, but also during everyday tasks like working out, doing yoga, or other fitness activities.

From Left to Right: Justin, James, Dylan From Left to Right: Justin, James, Dylan

Now that you have a brief idea of what they do, let’s talk about who they are, and how they did it.

The company name “BeneFIT” was derived from the desire to provide a high quality, versatile product “beneficial” to Medical Professionals in as many ways possible. A product that looked great, felt great, fit great, and performed exceptionally. The “FIT” in the title is capitalized to put emphasis on not only the higher quality of the fit but also the fitness mentality that is meant to be instilled on healthcare professionals. BeneFIT was built on a foundation of hard work, determination, and strategically directed action to not only be successful, but to promote healthier lifestyles for all types of healthcare professionals.


BeneFIT was originally comprised of three founders: James Reynolds, Dylan Croslin, and Justin Culver who are all Oklahoma natives. (Dylan has since moved on to pursue other goals) They are also all U.S. Air Force Veterans and before BeneFIT they were just three regular guys who had a passion for creating something better for hardworking healthcare professionals.

Their military training instilled within them a high level of discipline, determination, and motivation to be successful at any task put before them, to include business. The Air Force core values are “Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellence in all you do”. These core values provided an insight into the mentality that BeneFIT wanted to reflect in their personal, military, and business lives.

James and Dylan have been friends for years and began discussing the idea of starting a business in both the health, fitness, and fashion industries in late 2014. This casual “What if?” conversations soon turned into “Why are we still talking about it? Let’s do this.”, and “BeneFIT” Medical Apparel, an athletic fit medical scrub designed for health and fitness conscious Medical Professionals was born. The two then began extensive research into the medical scrub industry before developing their first prototypes.

In the summer of 2015, about 6 months after they began their journey James and Dylan served on an Active Duty Air Force mission. Among their Air Force team, James and Dylan were accompanied by a like-minded individual named Justin Culver. After hundreds of Entrepreneurial type conversations with Justin, James and Dylan decided to offer the fellow Air Force Veteran a partnership opportunity.

In October of 2015, James and Dylan added Justin to the BeneFIT team creating a Triumvirate of passion and knowledge. They then spent the next 8 months developing the foundation necessary to ensure BeneFIT was a success and the product they offered was of the highest quality. From product testing, supply chains, and distribution to trademarks, brand awareness, and market research it was a wild ride. But that was all part of the journey of building their business and they understood that nothing great ever comes easy. Fast Forward to May 2016 and BeneFIT Medical Apparel officially launched! The initial success they experienced far exceeded their expectations and they haven’t looked back ever since.

Although watching their business thrive and flourish is fulfilling, they all insist their much larger vision and goal is to start a trend of health promotion within the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals at times spend 12-16 hours a day taking care of others physical and mental needs which leaves little time and energy for them to focus on their own. So if BeneFIT athletic scrubs can inspire one individual to go on a jog on their lunch break or walk the stairs in their athletic scrubs then the actual goal will be achieved.

The three say the most rewarding part of what they do is the countless scrub selfies they receive every day from active healthcare professional’s repping their scrubs and living an active lifestyle. BeneFIT as a company strives to continue to be different than other scrub brands and not treat scrubs as a “commodity” or something healthcare professionals HAVE to wear but instead something they WANT to wear.

Blending a systems view of health with a lifestyle of diet and fitness, BeneFIT Medical Apparel is creating the Medical Lifestyle of the future for, and with, the brightest and most fit Medical Professionals on the planet.

How Do YOU BeneFIT?

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