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Best Scrubs Near You | BeneFIT Medical Apparel BeneFIT Home Looking for the best scrubs near you? If you’re in search of the best scrubs, then look no further! BeneFIT Medical Apparel offers shipping throughout all of North America! With one look and feel of these bad boys, you’ll instantly see and experience the world’s […]

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Why Second Order Thinking Matters By Justin Culver Co-Founder, CSO BeneFIT Medical Apparel BeneFIT Home As I attempt to structure my thoughts around Second Order Thinking, I cannot help but hear a quote from one of my favorite movies, “In life, we are kings or pawns.”-Napoleon Bonaparte, The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) If you’ve […]

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How To Deploy Forced Variance| BeneFIT Medical Apparel By Justin Culver, Co-Founder BeneFIT Medical Apparel BeneFIT Home Forced Variance Have you ever been on track following a workout routine, nailing it perfectly for weeks only to have your favorite gym equipment captured by someone else? I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Here you […]

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