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How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Shred Fat | BeneFIT Medical Apparel

By Justin Culver

Co-Founder, BeneFIT Medical Apparel

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Intermittent Fasting:

Intermittent Fasting, or IF, is fasting every now and then or taking breaks from food. IF is an often-used term for multiple diet philosophies that cycle between a period of fasting and non-fasting during a defined period.

Some people call this “eating in windows,” where they’ll only allow themselves to consume calories for a certain period of time during the day – say, 12PM to 7PM or even from 7AM to 7PM.

Intermittent fasting can be used as a weight maintenance tool, or combined with caloric restriction and caloric expenditure (eat less, move more) for crazy, wicked sick fat loss.

Intermittent fasting is how I first dipped my toe into the water of the fasting world. Like most people, when presented with the idea of fasting I had my doubts. Disturbing thoughts lurked in my mind, like “Fasting? WTF? That’s bad for you,” or, “If I do that, my body will go catabolic and just start eating my muscles.”

These dark thoughts and many more popped into my head when I struggled with the concept of fasting and intermittent fasting.

So, breaking my fast into intermittent chunks (windows) gave me the courage I needed to experiment.

Once I realized, “I’m not going to die if I don’t take in any calories for the next 12 to 36 hours,” my fat burning process flourished.

Yes, I was hungry at times. Yes, I had to plan my fasts to where they had the least amount of impact on my social and professional life. But once I made fasting my thing, it became my thing, and I crushed, slashed and burned.

An interesting thing about intermittent fasting is that people don’t necessarily have to know that you are fasting for you to be accomplishing incredible things. It’s not something they can see.

Rather, it’s what they don’t see.

They won’t see you eating.

When they see you not eating (especially when you’re in a group), they get spooked. And it’s when they find out you’re “fasting” and have put a name or label on it (which they’ll interpret as you willingly starving yourself to death), that they get all weird about it.

So “never let ‘em see you sweat” can be a good strategy for you to overcome weird social barriers you may face when fasting (and dropping weight in general, particularly if you’re incinerating fat quickly). But we’ll talk more about the psychosocial aspect of diet and fitness in some following blogs and videos.


Fasting and Intermitted Fasting is becoming more mainstream by the day. It’s starting to make its way as an acceptable and effective way to cut fat in the diet and fitness community. Many of the personal trainers may even endorse it. But in everyday America, within your communities, social groups or at work among your co-workers, don’t be surprised if they view fasting and intermittent fasting as some heretical concept or a form of suicide they’ll crusade against.

So, are ready to up your diet and fitness game and learn how to burn fat through intermittent fasting?

Then we have the book for you!

Download a copy of Diet and Fitness Secrets: What Your Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Know today and take control of your health and your life! This is the book you need in your life.

Diet & Fitness Secrets

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Oh and just in case you didn’t know, we also have the best scrubs on the planet. Check them out!


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A New Diet and Fitness Beginning

By Justin Culver

Co-Founder, BeneFIT Medical Apparel

So, you already know how awesome our athletic fit scrubs are…but we now offer something just as awesome so that you may live the BeneFIT Lifestyle and crush all your diet and fitness goals…

As our primary mission, BeneFIT is bringing a new beginning to Healthcare Professionals around the globe.

To support our mission, we’ve released a suite of 12-Week diet and fitness workout programs and a book titled, Diet and Fitness Secrets: What Your Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Know, so that you can hold all the power and create a mindset ready take control of your health and your life.

So why do we think we got what it takes to change an entire industry by promoting health to Healthcare Professionals themselves? Because we have a systems view of the current Healthcare Industry and have identified several weak points within the industry that need attention.

The first weak point we’ve identified is the primary service uniform of the Medical Profession, the medical scrub.

We remedied that one back in 2016…

Ever seen an athletic style form fitting medical scrub out there in the field prior to our launch in 2016? Neither did we. That’s why we invented them for you.

Which brings me to a bigger question (which is perhaps an indictment on most of the Healthcare Profession itself), why did this product not already exist?  My answer to that question may be somewhat controversial…

I believe many, many, many Healthcare Professionals out there in the field aren’t practicing what they preach. Sure, they most likely advocate holistic health and preventative measures to their patients…but are they living it?

As cliché as that sounds, tell me just off the top of your head what’s the ratio of Doctors you know that are in good physical shape to those who are not? And what’s the ratio of Nurses you know who are in good physical shape to those who are not?

Now, I know being in good physical shape is correlative and not causal to having good health, so don’t get my message twisted. I also know this poll I’m asking you to take is totally generalizing and completely nonscientific, but I don’t care.

Even during the conception phase of our athletic fit medical scrub line we were hit by a flood of people working within the Healthcare Industry all saying basically the same thing, “You know you’re targeting a very niche market, there’s just not that many people in the Healthcare Industry that are in shape.”

What a shame that is…

But BeneFIT knows that an army of diet and fitness conscious Healthcare Pros exist, for we’ve heard the screams of a generation longing for more… a generation craving a better medical scrub that not only enhances their look and feel, but a medical scrub that provides them with a lifestyle designed for diet and fitness loving Healthcare Pros everywhere!

BeneFIT scrubs have already changed an entire industry. Our mission to provide busy Healthcare Pros around the world with the mindset and tools needed to take care of their own health as much as they do for others will change the entire world for the better.

BeneFIT was built on a foundation of hard work, determination, and strategically directed action to not only be successful, but to punch the lackluster Healthcare Industry in the chest and signal to the world that a new era of health and fitness conscious Healthcare Professionals have arrived!

BeneFIT strives to be a motivational and rallying force within the Healthcare Industry for those who wish to begin, continue, or regain a healthy lifestyle.

Blending a systems view of health with a lifestyle of diet and fitness, BeneFIT Medical Apparel is creating the Healthcare Lifestyle of the future for, and with, the brightest and most fit Healthcare Pros on the planet!

Join in the Healthcare Revolution and get your new workout routines at

You are the Future!

Your Perfect Physique and Health Await You…

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Why Most Diet & Fitness Programs Fail

By Justin Culver

Co-Founder BeneFIT Medical Apparel

So Why Do Most Diet & Fitness Programs Fail?

Why Is America The Most Obese Nation In The History Of Forever?

In today’s world, rarely do any diet and fitness programs work. So what’s the reason for their shocking rate of failure? Why do people show up go the gym in droves early January only to disappear like Yoda come March?

I’m glad you asked…

We hear it a lot, and we’re sure you have too – Someone joins a gym…purchases a membership and then lets it perish without a thought.

Or maybe someone takes up a diet and then returns to gluttony and crushes that honey bun that’s been glaring at them through the vending machine glass the next week.

Or what about that one friend that drops a ton of money on fancy name-brands for morning routines and then just wears the expensive gear around the house all day crushing Friends re-runs on Netflix, spreading their Cheetos dust all over the couch remote…

This virus is all around us – Humans make grand claims and resolutions to lose weight and start a diet and fitness routine all the time….they join gyms, find workout partners and even hire personal trainers…only to fail themselves.

But worry not, BeneFIT Medical Apparel has created a system to help you overcome your obstacles and conquer your goals and dreams.

Enter the greatest book of all time Diet and Fitness Secrets: What Your Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Know.

Ready to up your diet and fitness game?

Ready to burn that extra fat and sculpt the perfect body?

Then we have the book for you!

Download a copy of Diet and Fitness Secrets: What Your Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Know today and take control of your health and your life! This is the book you need in your life:

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Want To Look Your BEST For Halloween!? Here’s How…

By Justin Culver

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

BeneFIT Medical Apparel

High School Jeans getting a little tight on you?

Have you been eyeing an awesome Halloween Costume but unsure if you can pull it off?

Then it’s time to reconsider your diet and exercise routine…Sounds cliché and overly simple right? 

That’s because it is simple…but that doesn’t mean SIMPLE is EASY.

But here’s the good news, losing weight is DOABLE! And chances are you already know how to do it! Life just gets crazy and it’s not as convenient.

Being a brand that promotes a healthy lifestyle for hardworking, always-on-the-go healthcare professionals like yourself we feel obligated to give all the information we can on how to play the part. Or at least remind you of what you already know.

Endless cardio sessions, crunches, and sit-ups alone are not the only answer. A few no-brainers everyone seems to forget (myself included time-to-time) is to train smart and consistently, and to eat clean and count calories.

Being in a caloric deficit (through caloric restriction/burning is the key to lowering your body fat all the way to a flat stomach or abs.

Here are some more basic tips to help you out:

 1)    Ditch the Junk from Your Diet 

Tis’ the season for candy and other junk food, right? 

Junk food will typically blow your calorie count out of the water for the day, maybe even the next few days while providing little to no micronutrients.  

And having little to no micronutrients in your system, your body will just crave more food, which will add more calories, which will probably just be stored as fat.  

So if you want to look great in your medical scrubs, your costume, or in nothing at all, steer clear of sugar, soda, white flour, cookies, pastries, and other foods can potentially add inches to your waistline.

I’ve always heard, “Abs are made in the kitchen”, and it’s so true. One can burn 1500 calories in a single gym session (which is intense) but if they still exceed their caloric max for the day, their body will go into fat storage mode. No Bueno. The 90s are over, bruh…Dirty Bulking is dead.

2)    Consume Healthy Fats  

Not only will consuming healthy fats keep you from going insane with random intense food craving and attacking a vending machine in the breakroom when you think no one else is …essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, have been shown to reduce visceral fat and inflammation. Win-Win!

When consumed regularly, healthy fats can significantly lower your risk of heart disease. Again, by eating more fats, you’ll feel full longer which will help you regulate your appetite on all those stupid-long shifts your maniac supervisor sentences you to.

Tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, avocado, almonds and unrefined vegetable oils are some of the best sources of healthy fats…that Honey Bun starring at you seductively through the glass of the vending machine is not.  

You can also get these omegas in supplement form at almost any drug or supermarket next to the vitamins.

3)    Meal Prep!

If you work full-time in health care, you already know you probably won’t be able to cook balanced meals every single day!

This is where meal prepping comes in handy… 

Choose a day between shifts to buy groceries and cook your food in advance. Leave the candy corn at home…better yet, leave it at the store. 

Grill, steam, or roast the meat, and freeze it for later use.

Chop your favorite vegetables and leave them in the fridge.

Prepare healthy snacks, such as trail mixes, vegetable chips, and homemade protein bars. This way, you’ll save time and eat clean without the need to cook all day long.  

4)    Train Smart

Despite common perception, spot-reduction in a myth…

What do I mean by spot-reduction? One cannot simply train abs and expect the body to burn the exact fat cells surrounding said abs. Your body burns fat in whatever order your genetics tell it to. 

But fear not, there are definitely ways to help reveal your abs and lose fat!  

Your workout could include a mix of strength training, low intensity high duration cardio training, and high intensity exercise, such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

If you’re short on time, do full body circuits followed by HIIT two or three times a week. Your BeneFIT medical scrubs were conceived and born for such things! You’ll have no problem busting out reps and sets in you BeneFIT scrubs.

Hit us up on any of our social media platform for more any questions or comments and tell us all about your Halloween plans!

Join the Healthcare Revolution at and help us create the Future of the Healthcare Industry!

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It’s Time To Elevate Your Scrubs Game!

By Justin Culver

Chief Strategy Officer

BeneFIT Medical Apparel

Have you ever been dissatisfied with your scrubs? Have you ever cried out for more, wishing and hoping someone would just invent a great set of scrubs designed with quality, comfort and performance in mind?

As educated Healthcare Professionals, you know the importance of living a proactive healthy lifestyle and the impact it has on your personal and professional lives. 

Consider a Healthcare Professional who doesn’t practice a healthy lifestyle; now consider the negative impact it may have on their patients. Are these Healthcare Pros practicing what they preach? Is it possible patients sense an underlying hypocrisy from the very people they trust their health and lives to?

As an educated Healthcare Pro, you know the advantages of being proactive with health versus being purely reactive. The Healthcare Industry has reached a level of sophistication and effectiveness in treating patients that has never been achieved in all of human history, but only on the reactive side, not the proactive. With your help, BeneFIT will change this huge error in the current Healthcare Industry, and help this generation of Healthcare Professionals shape the Healthcare Industry of the future.

The time for YOU to lead is NOW.


BeneFIT Medical Apparel has heard the screams of a generation of Healthcare Pros wanting a voice…and we’ve listened. So we’ve flipped the switch on the traditional medical scrubs forever by creating the world’s first athletic fit medical scrubs designed specifically with the needs and wants of the proactive health and fitness conscious Medical Pro in mind.


Are you tired of mediocre?


So are we.


Our athletic fit medical scrubs provide a perfect blend of quality, comfort and performance with a heavy sprinkle of fashion, so that you may show your colleagues, your patients, and the world itself what you’re all about.


The days of the boxy, sloppy, ill-fitting scrubs are dead. The days of conforming to the masses have departed. The days of being unheard are extinct. The days of the health conscious Healthcare Pro and BeneFIT Medical Apparel has arrived.


You, the proactive health and fitness conscious Healthcare Pro are the future.


The time for you to Elevate Your Scrubs Game is Now!!!


Join the Medical Revolution and reserve your athletic fit scrubs today at

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5 Tips for Surviving a Chaotic Nursing Shift!!

Author: James Reynolds, CEO BeneFIT Medical Apparel

You’re 11 hours into a shift. Understaffed because (insert unreliable co-worker’s name here) called in “sick”. You’re hungry, tired, your feet hurt, have zero patience left for anything, and to top it off you begin to develop a minor headache from all the chaos.

Sound all too familiar to anyone? If not, consider yourself lucky! If so, we are here to help you manage and deal with some of these trials and tribulations you may encounter during a CHAOTIC NURSING SHIFT!!

Some of you reading this may be thinking, “Man, this is pretty dramatic, my nursing job is easy!” while others are thinking, “This article is describing my shift every day!”. Easy or chaotic, these tips can be applied to any shift to give you a better overall experience and outlook on the important job that you perform.

So let’s jump right into then!

1.For Starters, Get your mind Right!: The importance of this cannot be stressed enough because it will dictate the success of everything else. If you wake up not wanting to go to work or with a bad attitude then you’re already setting yourself up for failure. Negativity is also contagious, meaning if you are on shift complaining to others it will pollute the entire work environment while also giving you the reputation of “that nurse no one wants to work with”. You know who I’m talking about don’t you? And if you don’t, you may already be that nurse!

Complaining never solves any problems or produces results…but an optimistic mindset can change the entire course of your shift, and well your life.

2.Plan Ahead: This tactic can easily save your life, and prevent your “Hangry” attitude. Before going into a shift, plan like you’re getting ready for the zombie apocalypse when it comes to food and supplies and you’ll be ready for anything. Whether it’s meal prepping, bringing a change of our athletic fit scrubs, bringing a gallon of Starbucks or any other necessitates you’ll need during your shift.  This can easily be accomplished the night before you’re scheduled, allowing you proper time for preparation rather than franticly throwing everything into a bag the morning-of because you decided to hit snooze on your phone 6 times too many!

3.Stay Positive: No matter how well you plan, there always be days where all hell breaks loose and crap hits the fan, or maybe onto your scrubs for that matter. When this happens it is IMPERITIVE for you to stay positive until the storm dies down. Some things are always going to be out of your control… so what’s the point of wasting precious time and energy worrying about them? So just go with the flow, keep a positive outlook on the situation and you will make it through your shift with a smile on your face and a not a belly full of your Patient’s Anti-Depression Meds. (Never take your Patient’s Meds…ever)

4.Know that you’re making a Difference: This is huge! You work in the Healthcare Industry. You’re a Healthcare Pro. You take care of others needs on a daily basis. You’re literally a real life Superhero. Most of the time you’re the only person patients come in contact with that day. They could be going through terrible circumstances but you have the power to positively impact their life not only physically but mentally as well. No matter what ANYONE tells you, NEVER forget how important your job is and the difference you make on a daily basis. Most jobs can’t make that claim, but you can, and you’ve earned that right.

5. Embrace the Suck: This is kind of self-explanatory, but when the shift sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it…just simply embrace it. The sooner you accept that a portion of your day is not going to be enjoyable, the sooner you can move on and successfully do your job to the fullest. Sure not every day will be like this but they will still happen just like they do in any other job. The struggle is real and there is no way around it. Welcome to life in general!


Take these tips and try and apply them to your nursing career or whatever healthcare field you may be in and see if they make a difference. Chances are if you truly commit to them consistently they will turn a shift from hell into an awesome opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives…while providing fulfillment in your own.

As an Athletic Medical Apparel company it is our goal to provide uniforms that not only look and feel great but also provide maximum comfort and confidence in the workplace so you can perform at your highest level. We are firm believers in the importance of happy and healthy Medical Professionals which is why we strive to offer a product that can truly make a difference in the entire industry as a whole.

How do YOU BeneFIT?!

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