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Prime is a premium workout program designed for your hectic work schedule and can be accomplished in as little as 3 days a week (4th days optional).

If you’re new to working out or just trying to get back into your diet and fitness journey, Prime is the workout program for you! This program is the perfect first step into the BeneFIT lifestyle and will prime your body with the necessary strength and conditioning required of the more advanced BeneFIT programs.

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As you progress through the weeks and feel the improvements in your health and looks, Prime steadily increases the volume of sets in the last cycle…then and additional days to induce progressive overload.

As a special bonus, we’ve added Week 1 of Burn, a Premium BeneFIT Workout Program designed for all you Intermediate to Advanced Diet and Fitness freaks out there!

Want a flat stomach?…Check.

Want a round booty?…Check.

Unlike other workout programs, Prime has one specific goal in mind…to make you look great by maximizing the shape of your booty and minimizing the shape of your waist! But as an extra bonus, wait for it…you will also feel great! That’s right, the increase in health and self-esteem you earn while crushing this program will leave you feeling like a champion…it’s science…


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