Customer Reviews

Michelle Fonticiella

"This is my second set of scrubs from BeneFIT and I'm pretty obsessed with the brand already. I love the way that they that the material fits and they are extremely comfortable. I cannot wait to wear these for work."

- Michelle Fonticiella 

Justin Page

"Oh, the stretch wow. They say that they're made with high quality performance fabric which I could tell based on just the texture alone, how it stretches and how ridiculously soft it is."

 "Yo these scrubs are freaking awesome, I’m not gonna lie. They're so flexible!"

- Justin Page

Hillary Millo

“They're honestly amazing. These scrubs are very very stretchy so you're going to be able to do whatever you want; flexibility to a thousand percent. They fit amazing on the waist, which is one of my main concerns when I get scrubs.”

“I get complimented anywhere that I go because honestly they are really comfortable, and they feel amazing.”

- Hillary Millo

Brooke Winters 

"I am wearing the new Nexus scrub set from BeneFIT Medical, and I really really love these. They're super soft, they're really stretchy and good for my baby bump."

- Brooke Winters

Kat B.

“I cannot express enough how well fitting these are. Oh my gosh, like I’m just obsessed. If you are looking to invest in a pair of scrubs, I would highly recommend benefit medical.”

- Kat B.