Join The BeneFIT First Team

Healthcare professionals, by nature spend most their days putting the needs of others first. In some cases, they get so caught up with taking care of others that they forget to take care of themselves! Well, we want to change that.

BeneFIT Medical Apparel is looking for highly motivated healthcare professionals to join our BeneFIT First Team ambassador program and help us spread our brand message!

The BeneFIT First Team is a community of motivated individuals who advocate for the importance of self-care and how it correlates to becoming a more competent healthcare provider. Our mission is to cultivate a new generation of healthcare professionals who are capable of taking better care of the health and wellness needs of others by occasionally putting their own health and wellness needs first.

you’ll be able to create one 15% off discount code every week. Which can be used up to 5 times! You can share this privately with friends and family or publicly with your social media followers. Not to mention you’ll earn commissions for every sale your code makes.

You’ll have the opportunity to earn BeneFIT gift cards, cash prizes, and even free BeneFIT gear by completing specific First Team missions that revolve around the promotion of the First Team mindset

Members will also receive exclusive early access to online deals and new BeneFIT Medical Apparel products.

Here's a quick video to see what the BeneFIT First Team program looks like!

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