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In the last year, over 42% of Americans gained an average of 29 pounds.

The sedentary lifestyle has become the new cigarette.

Apathy has become the new morphine.

Millennials, age 25-40, gained an average of 41 pounds during lockdowns.

As an industry and profession, it’s time for Healthcare Pros to lead the way.

Call it what you will, but we believe that if you’re a Healthcare Pro, then you have an ethical responsibility to be strong, lean, athletic, and as healthy as possible.

Now we know health and fitness are correlative and not necessarily causal, so don’t get it twisted…but your fitness is a matter of ethics.

As an educated Healthcare Pro, you know the advantages of being proactive with health versus being purely reactive.

The Healthcare Industry has reached a level of sophistication and effectiveness in treating patients that has never been achieved in all of human history, but only on the reactive side, not the proactive. 

Your fitness level should be an asset, not a liability.

You should strive to increase strength and decrease fragility.

You should strive to maintain a low body fat percentage to reduce the risk of disease.

These are learned behaviors modeled by leaders in our own lives.

As models and leaders of health, many of you have taken the oath, “Do No Harm”...

It’s time to turn that oath inward, and to gain, re-gain or maintain your fitness and be the best version of yourself.


Summer Shred Challenge 2021 "BeneFITS"

Wellness Guide

FREE 6 week
health and wellness guide with day to day tips and workouts.
Up to a $20 BeneFIT gift card ($1 IN STORE CREDIT FOR EVERY POUND YOU LOSE!).

Nutrition Guide

FREE nutrition guide with suggested caloric intake based of your goals. 

Facebook Group

Access to our exclusive BeneFITness  challenge Facebook group.
(Where we share fitness tips and tricks with a like minded Healthcare community!)


Up to $20 BeneFIT gift card for use at our online store.

Biggest Transformation
(Female & Male)

1st place

• 6 Sets of BeneFIT Scrubs (Over $600 Value)
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•$1 For Every Pound Lost (Up to $20 Value)

2nd place

• 3 Sets of BeneFIT Scrubs (Over $300 Value)
• BeneFIT Bundle ($75 Value)
•$1 For Every Pound Lost (Up to $20 Value)

BeneFIT Medical Apparel's Mission: To promote health and wellness to healthcare professionals like YOU!

Which is why we are hosting our first ever BeneFITness Summer Shred Challenge!

The Challenge starts Friday, June 4th and will be a 6-week challenge designed to rebuild healthy diet and fitness habits.

NO MATTER where you currently you are on your fitness journey this challenge is for YOU!

With a full 6-week diet and fitness guide as well as an APP we have already done all the “heavy lifting” work for you, you just have to follow the guide!

$1,000 in prizes, daily goals, weekly challenges, as well as an exclusive Facebook group with all the participants it will be the perfect way to start your summer with a bang!

While taking care of your patients is a MUST, you can’t be the best version of YOU if you don’t also take care of your mind and body! You are WORTH IT!

No more waiting to start.

No more Excuses.


And as a testament to our commitment to our mission of serving you, WE ARE WILLING TO PAY YOU $1 FOR EVERY POUND YOU LOSE (up to $20)!

Oh wait, ONE MORE THING….The Team at BeneFIT will be doing the challenge with you! We will also be a part of the Facebook group and you will have FULL access to us and our knowledge!

Why You Need To Join This 6 Week Challenge!

1. Diets that are impossible to stick to  or flat out don’t work?
2. Clothes not fitting the way they should.
3. Losing the same 10 pounds 10 times? 

1. Eat better.
2. Live an active lifestyle.
3. Achieve and maintain your goals for good. 

1.  Losing Weight.
2. Toning your belly, glutes, thighs, and arms.
3. Having more energy, mental clarity, and focus to live a great day each day!
4. Building physical strength and confidence.
5. Looking great and feeling comfortable in Clothes (although you will have to buy some new ones). 

Here's How We

Team BeneFIT knows what it's like to transform! This is James Reynolds', CEO of BeneFIT, personal 35 lb transformation!

"Our health and wellness guide will help you transform as well. If you put in the work and stay committed! You are worth it!"

- James Reynolds, CEO