The Scrubs that Changed the Entire Medical Industry

When you think of medical scrubs you think of boxy, baggy, sloppy looking garments that resemble a trash bag or potato sack which doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have to wear on a daily basis. But Why? Why has no one taken the time to develop something WAY better for those that deserve the highest level of comfort and confidence to perform at their highest level?

Scrubs are a uniform, a status symbol which represent what medical professionals do for a living day-in and day-out taking care of other’s needs. It’s like seeing a businessman in a suit, officer in their uniform, or military member in their fatigues. By seeing their specific uniform you can easily identify that they are a highly trained, intelligent individual that is proud of what they do. The uniforms just listed are all legit, so why did scrubs get left out of the “cool” category?

Team BeneFIT thought the same thing…so they did something about it!

Insert BeneFIT Medical Apparel

BeneFIT Medical Apparel is a Veteran Owned and Operated Company which develops and distributes athletically engineered medical scrubs which are inspired by active wear. They are designed specifically for maximum performance on the job while still maintaining a professional appearance. Just imagine your favorite workout clothes that are lightweight, breathable, and functional and apply that concept and technology to medical apparel and you have a set of BeneFIT scrubs. BeneFIT scrubs were created to bring a better quality, better functioning scrub to the market. A scrub that Medical Professionals would look forward to wearing on a daily basis, not only in their respected work environments, but also during everyday tasks like working out, doing yoga, or other fitness activities.


The company name “BeneFIT” was derived from the desire to provide a high quality, versatile product “beneficial” to Medical Professionals in as many ways possible. A product that looked great, felt great, fit great, and performed exceptionally. The “FIT” in the title is capitalized to put emphasis on not only the higher quality of the fit but also the fitness mentality that is meant to be instilled on healthcare professionals. BeneFIT was built on a foundation of hard work, determination, and strategically directed action to not only be successful, but to promote healthier lifestyles for all types of healthcare professionals.


Our Mission

To revolutionize the medical industry by developing scrubs which provide healthcare professionals comfort and confidence while promoting a healthy lifestyle.


When compared to other scrubs, BeneFIT stands alone due to the stylish and comfortable fabric which adjusts to all body types and allows maximum maneuverability.