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How To Burn Fat | A Diet and Fitness Secret:

How to burn fat is quite often on people’s minds. So, what are some diet secrets your trainer doesn’t want you to know on how to burn fat? For the most part, it’s not in their best interest for you to understand the language of “diet” in diet and fitness and know how to burn fat, lest you decode the mystery and take diet matters into your own hands. So, let me break down some diet and fitness jargon, concepts and definitions for you.

Caloric Deficits (Don’t Ever Forget This Definition!):

A caloric deficit is the mechanism and catalyst of any effective fat loss endeavor.

Despite what any marketer tells you, a caloric deficit is what any effective diet or fitness routine ultimately achieves if your goal is to lose fat and be successful at losing fat.

So, your friend read a new diet book, followed its advice, and lost 20 pounds? Cool. She created a caloric deficit.

Your friend found a new diet pill and lost 25 pounds after taking it for a few weeks? Right on. She created a caloric deficit.

Your friend started Yoga, Zumba or CrossFit and lost 45 pounds in less than two months? Savage. She created a caloric deficit with or without knowing how to burn fat.

A caloric deficit can be defined as any shortage in the number of calories consumed relative to the number of calories required for maintenance of current body weight (energy homeostasis).

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A caloric deficit can be achieved in two ways: by caloric restriction (commonly achieved through “dieting” where you consume less calories than you burn) or a caloric expenditure (commonly achieved through “exercise” where you burn more calories than you consume).

how to burn fat NOTE:

It’s possible and very effective to create a caloric deficit through the combined use of caloric restriction and caloric expenditure. This combination creates powerful synergy. I highly recommend this.

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