Below is a list of Questions and Answers we are asked on a daily basis. If you have a question that is not listed PLEASE feel free to contact us so we can assist you!

How do I know which size to order?

For Females: Since our scrubs are tailored and run smaller than other brands we recommend you order a size larger than you are use to. Our fabric and waist are form fitting yet very stretchy so they fit a wide variety of body types. That said, we are always happy to help personally size you and offer free exchanges as well.

For Males: We recommend ordering your normal pant size but suggest ordering a size larger on the top than you are use to. This is because our tops are athletic cut and form fitting but the fabric is also very stretchy.


If they don’t fit can I exchange them?

YES. We offer FREE exchanges and send out pre-printed return shipping labels in all of our packages. If it is a return we pay for the return shipping but do not refund your initial shipping costs.

Do you offer tall sizes?

We do not have a specific tall line BUT our inseams increase as the sizes go up. Therefore if you are taller just order a larger size. This is possible without the scrubs being overly baggy because our fabric and waist are form fitting yet very stretchy so they fit a wide variety of body shapes, sizes, and weight ranges. Please contact us with help on tall sizing.

Why do the scrubs have the black fabric on the side?

The black fabric on the side panels is a completely different flexi-breathable fabric which provides ventilation and functionality for high performance during hectic shifts. That said, we will be offering many solid scrubs in the future to accommodate certain hospital dress codes and regulations. We will also have a condensed logo placement to meet these needs as well.

What is the material made of?

All of the fabrics and materials we use are performance based fabrics for maximum comfort and flexibility on the job. They are 4-way stretch, breathable, and our different lines offer different levels of protection based on the individual needs of messy to not-so-messy professions.

Is the waist baggy and saggy on the bigger sizes?

No. Our waist are designed and inspired after active-wear so they are a stretchy elastic AND they have an adjustable tightening clip unlike traditional, annoying draw strings. This provides additional convenience and allows our waist to be form fitting but also fit a wide range of waist/hip sizes.

Can you wear these in hospitals?

YES. We have healthcare professionals who wear our product in all 50 states. If you have any concerns or hesitations please feel free to contact us directly through our contact page.