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Why Pre-Order?

Production has started! By Pre-Ordering you're reserving your specific sizes and colors to receive right when we finish them in production before they launch to the public. You will also receive discounted pricing as well as a free gift for your patience. Nothing but perks, and you don't have to stress about missing the full drop.


Pre-ordering is the way to go, trust us. It also helps a small Veteran Owned company with product data! Once these launch to the general public our limited inventory will sell out immediately as this is a limited drop. DO NOT order in-stock items with your pre-orders as they won't ship until all items are stocked.

Introducing HIGHLIGHT

Our First Drop in 2 Years! (Thanks Pandemic)

New logo. New Proprietary Fabric. New Pockets. New Website. New Features. New Everything.


Supply chain shutdowns had us at a standstill. So we utilized our time to control what we can control. And Upgrade everything internally to continue to innovate the medical apparel space and bring hardworking healthcare professionals the best uniforms possible.


Insert HIGHLIGHT. The most innovative scrubs we've designed in the 8 years of running this company. We took all the data and feedback we've received over those 8 years and instilled it into this scrub drop.