Nurse Scrubs | Don't Settle Get The Best

Nurse Scrubs | Don't Settle Get The Best

Nurse Scrubs | Don't Settle Get The Best! Have you ever stopped to think about why nurse scrubs have looked like oversized potato sacks since as far back as you can remember? Well, I have thought that same question. Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, veterinarians, physical therapists, etc....(the list goes on and on) have worked hard to achieve their status. The schooling for some of these professions is some of the hardest there is. I believe that these healthcare professionals should have a uniform that is distinguished AND functional and not some pillowcase with holes for sleeves. The average pair of scrubs doesn't come near to the quality these professionals deserve. With that belief, I am happy to announce that BeneFIT Medical Apparel has just reinvented scrubs.

The Scrub Journey Begins

The idea of changing the way people see a healthcare uniform came to James, CEO of BeneFIT, while he was working as a pharmacy technician. He was wearing his steel wool smock one day and thought, “Surely somebody has made scrubs that are more stylish and more comfortable than what I am wearing now.” A simple web search revealed that no one had. Some companies made attempts at innovation, but none had reached the standard that James had expected. That is when he decided that he would take it upon himself to revolutionize the scrub industry.  James was also a physical trainer during this time, so he also wanted his new scrubs to promote healthy living. Workout gear became a heavy influence in the design process. He knew that workout apparel was comfortable, fashionable, and functional. So James found a comfortable 4-way stretch material that would also stand up to a hectic shift. That way a busy healthcare professional could go from work to working out without wasting time in the locker room.


The first iteration was the BeneFIT Light Protection line. Some O.G. BeneFITers will remember these. Light Protection was so soft, a pair felt like pajamas. So while they were the softest healthcare uniform ever created, we received customer feedback telling us they wouldn’t hold up on the shift. So we listened to the customer and created Helix and Stealth. Helix and Stealth burst onto the scrub scene like no other uniform had in the past. They were athletically designed, 4-way stretch, water-resistant, and comfortable. BeneFIT had finally changed the game. You no longer were simply forced to wear your scrubs, but you wanted to wear them. BeneFIT didn't stop there. While Helix and Stealth seemed like the perfect product, James knew he was far from done. James and the team he had developed at BeneFIT went back to work. After two painstakingly long years of research and development, Nexus was born. Nexus was everything that Helix and Stealth was but more. Durability. Aesthetic design. Nexus had it all. This new line was at the pinnacle of what scrubs could be.  Is BeneFIT done after such an accomplishment? Why keep going after they already made the perfect product. Well, at BeneFIT, nothing is ever perfect. We continue to improve upon near perfection. Don’t sleep on BeneFIT. We will NEVER stop. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

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