What are the best scrubs on the market?

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The scrubs industry has been unchanged for the past 100 years. James Reynolds was a former healthcare professional and wore scrubs and was not pleased with the current scrubs that he wore. He started searching for better feeling scrubs with better quality fabric and could not find any that were up to par. He knew nothing about scrubs but started designing his own based on his own athletic wear because he was a personal trainer at the time as well.

4-way stretch fabrics

When starting his designs he looked at stitching patterns, pocket structure, and quality fabric. He wanted scrubs that not only look better, but fit better, felt better, and we’re also functional. Scrubs that you could feel confident in as well as experience maximum comfort while on the job. James understood that healthcare professionals have busy lifestyles and schedules and needed a uniform that could keep up with that those schedules.

He began searching local fabric stores for textiles that were durable but also high-quality soft and functional. After he found fabrics that he wanted he began playing with stitching designs and stitching patterns. He developed better fitting, not boxy and not baggy scrubs. After a year of research and development he had a viable prototype. He then started manufacturing to start selling to other hard-working healthcare professionals.

Multiple colors to choose from!

BeneFIT company expansion

Within 30 days benefit was already selling products in all 50 states and growing an exponential rate. They experience such quick growth because of the superior products that they offered compared to the other uniforms on the market. BeneFIT apparel fit better, look better, feel better, are more functional, and just overall better product for healthcare professionals.

Shortly after BeneFIT decided to take over the US they began shipping internationally and within 30 days they were already on every continent selling scrubs. Not only are the products superior they also offer great customer service and are veteran owned and operated company. Three of the founders are in the United States Air Force and one of the founders is a police officer as well as fire fighter.

BeneFIT is a company built on a foundation of hard work, innovation, and desire to promote health to healthcare professionals. Since their scrubs are inspired by active wear they can actually be worked out in in the gym. Or you can jog as long as the scrubs are not messy or exposed to any contaminants. They are lightweight, breathable, wrinkle resistant, moisture wicking, four way stretch, and the list goes on with the features of their uniforms.

If you are looking to upgrade your uniform as a healthcare professional BeneFIT Medical Apparel is the way to go. To upgrade your scrubs today follow the link below and browse some of their uniforms. You will see the quality and functionality of a better uniform that fits your needs.

This article was written for BeneFIT Medical Apparel.