As a healthcare professional you need good scrubs – uniforms. You are working long hours, on your feet all day, and constantly active. This is why it is important to have scrubs you can count on. BeneFIT scrubs is a veteran owned and operated company that is changing the entire medical uniform industry. They launched in 2016 and within 30 days already sold product in all 50 states.

There are multiple reasons BeneFIT scrubs have become so popular. BeneFIT scrubs have a much better fit and are made of much higher quality material than other scrub brands. Just imagine your favorite workout apparel fused with scrubs and tailored like your favorite dress apparel.


Why choose BeneFIT scrubs?

Healthcare professionals deserve scrubs that can keep up with the demand of their job. In the past scrubs have been poor quality, boxy, baggy, and cheaply made. BeneFIT scrubs have an athletic fit design and use flat-lock stitching for an athletic look. BeneFIT also offers scrub jackets, compression socks, and other accessories for healthcare professionals. Scrubs – uniforms are the main product at BeneFIT Medical but healthcare professionals need a variety of tools to have a successful day at work.

BeneFIT offers both men and women scrubs. They are based out of Oklahoma and one of their founders is also a former healthcare professional.  The main mission of BeneFIT is to also promote health to the medical community. It is very easy for medical professionals to focus all their time on the job and forget to take care of themselves. BeneFIT scrubs are also made to be active in and workout.

The last reason BeneFIT is such a great company is because of the awesome customer service. BeneFIT treats their customers like family and will bend over backwards to provide for them. You can contact BeneFIT at their office and warehouse at 918-609-5511. You can also contact BeneFIT via social media on our instagram or facebook at BeneFIT MEdical Apparel.