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COVID-19. Quarantine. Social Distancing. These are our current reality. I pray everyday for our nation and the world to get through this pandemic. And not only that we get through it but we emerge stronger and more united. There are people everywhere showing their ingenuity as well as their compassion for others. Just check out John Krinsinski’s new YouTube show Some Good News. John is certainly doing his part to make the best of things. In these most uncertain times, everyone should be doing their part. For most people, that means staying home as much as possible and distancing yourself from others when necessity dictates you to venture out. The part of healthcare professionals is much more difficult.

Scrubs for Heroes

Healthcare professionals are the heroes of this time. They are on the front lines of this battle against COVID-19. Not only are they in the trenches everyday, providing care for their patients, they now have to also distance themselves from their own family in order to protect them. The sacrifices that doctors and nurses everywhere are making right now are beyond what most people can imagine. For this reason, during the duration of this pandemic, BeneFIT Medical is offering 20% off of all scrubs and other items store wide by using coupon code STRONG at checkout. 

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If you have never tried BeneFIT scrubs before, now would be the perfect time to try. With the encouragement of social distancing, shopping online is a solution to purchasing new scrubs without getting out of the house. BeneFIT is also offering our 5 pak of hand sanitizers at half off for all orders. Just go to the checkout page and the offer will pop up.

Hand Sanitizer
BeneFIT Hand Sanitizer 5pak

Customer Reviews

For those that have never tried BeneFIT scrubs before, check out what some of our customers have had to say:

Love my new scrubs! I ordered a ceil blue Stealth top and black Stealth bottoms and the fit and feel are incredible. The shipping was fast too. As an added bonus, I received a $20 gift card with my order!!! Amazing company 💙 I’ll be getting all my scrubs from them.” – Kristofer

“I have been wearing regular scrubs for years and have always had a hard time finding scrubs that fit all my curves! Then I found BeneFit Medical!! Without a doubt these are THE best most comfiest scrubs, EVER. I always recommend these to people for use at work!” -Amber

Also, for those that have never ordered and are worried about sizing issues, you can put your mind at ease. BeneFIT offers FREE EXCHANGES. So if you order a pair and they don’t fit just right, you can exchange them for the right size absolutely free. 

BeneFIT cares about each and every one of our awesome healthcare professionals. So much so that the owners themselves handle the majority of customer service. You can contact BeneFIT by phone at 918-609-5511, by email at, or by messaging them on their social media accounts on Facebook or Instagram. They have a great response time and will work hard to answer any questions and solve any problems. 

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