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Scrubs Today

These are scrubs.


But you already know that. They’re boxy, unflattering and made of a non-breathable material similar to loose grit sandpaper. These things aren’t comfortable or stylish. You might as well be rockin’ a potato sack. But what gives? Why are they like this? Was there a big, fancy medical lawyer person that made a rule that scrubs have to be like boring, saggy pajamas you wouldn’t give your grandma for Christmas? Not today Mimi. It turns out that the only reason they are like this is because they have always been like this. When was that a good reason for anything? Remember rotary telephones, encyclopedias, and dial-up internet? They were all things that needed a major upgrade.

So back to the crappy scrubs. It is time to upgrade your scrub game my friend. Introducing…

Nurse Scrubs
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BeneFIT Medical Apparel. Now that is more like it. BeneFIT scrubs fit like a freaking dream. And I am not talking about that dream you had that one time where you were attacked by Sasquatch. The good, metaphorical kind of dream. 

Let’s talk about some features shall we. BeneFIT scrubs have a ridiculously comfortable athletic fit. They also are made with a four way stretch material and an elastic waistband. That means you can do pretty much anything in them. Like working out, jogging, lounging, and best of all working as a kick butt medical professional. They are especially great for that last one. But why stop there? How about break dancing, acro yoga, alligator wrestling, parkour, sword fighting, unicorn riding…I think you get the point. These scrubs also have pockets in all the right places that can hold all kinds of things. Oh, and did I mention they are liquid resistant? Well they are, which is awesome because of, you know, fluids and stuff.

Just think about it. You could also be wearing the most awesome scrubs on the planet. Not convinced yet? Let me introduce to you James and Justin.

They are Air Force veterans. They also started this company. #VeteranOwned. 

You are gonna look good in these. And you are gonna feel good because you look good. And you are gonna be healthier because you look good and feel good. BeneFIT Medical is all about revolutionizing the medical industry with these scrubs. They plan on promoting a healthy lifestyle while doing it. Because dad-gummit we believe healthcare professionals should be healthy. 

So what are you waiting for. Join the BeneFIT revolution of ridding the world of saggy, baggy, boxy, un-foxy scrubs. And you can show everyone how you BeneFIT.

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