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BeneFIT Medical Apparel has been around since 2016. By now, if you work in the healthcare industry as a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, or one of hundreds of other healthcare occupations, you have probably heard about BeneFIT. You could have seen us through our social media pages like on FaceBook and Instagram, through one of our many brand ambassadors, or you possibly even had one of your healthcare comrades show up to work in the most comfortable scrubs ever and took your breath away. However you heard about us, we are glad. So if you have seen our scrubs but haven’t tried them out yet, I only have one question for you. What are you waiting for?

Helix, Stealth, and Nexus Scrubs

Scrubs Near Me
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Benefit Medical has a wide variety of products for you to choose from. The first place where you would want to start is our different scrub lines. Those would be our Helix, Stealth, and Nexus lines. The Helix line was our first big innovation to scrubs. With Helix, you get a four-way stretch fabric that is fashionable and aesthetically pleasing while also being performance based. That means you will be able to do all the complex movements and heavy lifting required during your shift and look good while doing it.

Next you have our Stealth line. Stealth has all of the perks of Helix, but they only come in solid colors and have no visible logos. The Stealth line was created so that strict uniform restrictions couldn’t stop any healthcare pros from experiencing the glory of BeneFIT scrubs.

Finally, you could also try our Nexus line. Nexus comes in a variety of styles. You can choose from two different styles of tops. Those would be our 1-pocket top for the minimalist who doesn’t want to be weighed down or the 3-pocket top for the multi-tasking, always has everything that they need at the right time, healthcare rock star. Our Nexus pants also come in two options. There’s the zip-flares for the utility-minded individuals and the joggers for the fashionistas. Nexus was also designed with more durable fabric to stand up to even the most hectic of shifts.


BeneFIT didn’t just stop at scrubs though. We also provide a plethora of accessories any healthcare pro would love. Take our scrub jackets for example. Here to keep you warm on the cold hospital floors. Also, our compression socks are a great option. They are great for hard-working professionals who are on their feet all day. They help promote blood flow and reduce swelling. Do your feet a favor. Grab a couple pair of compression socks today.

Compression Socks
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Well, hopefully the wait is over and you are headed over to right now to upgrade your scrub game. Other scrub brands don’t come near the quality of BeneFIT. Making the switch will be the best decision you’ve ever made.