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Have you ever sat and wondered why scrubs haven’t changed since they were invented? Healthcare professionals have been forced to wear the same old boring, boxy, and uncomfortable uniform for decades. Doctors and nurses everywhere have been waiting for innovation. I have good news. That wait is finally over. Introducing BeneFIT Medical Apparel. BeneFIT has flipped the scrub game upside down. Trust me. These are not your mother’s scrubs.

Scrubs Near Me
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The team at BeneFIT has spent countless hours designing and testing the perfect uniform for medical professionals. A uniform that somebody doesn’t just have to wear but they actually want to wear. BeneFIT scrubs are comfortable, athletically engineered, and aesthetically pleasing. They are the perfect trifecta of what a uniform should be.

Comfortable Scrubs

The comfort factor of BeneFIT scrubs is off the charts. It feels like you are wearing pajamas to work. This a result of the specific fabric that BeneFIT uses. The qualities of this fabric makes BeneFIT uniforms both soft and durable at the same time. They are so comfortable, you might just forget you are at work.

Athletically Designed

The design team also focused heavily on the athletic performance factor. The reason for this is two fold. First of all, the chaotic nature of many shifts calls for a higher range of mobility. At any moment, a capable healthcare pro can be running, squatting, lifting, or one of many other activities during their shift. They should have a uniform that moves with them and doesn’t drag them down. The second reason was to make going from work to the gym and vice versa as easy as possible. BeneFIT wants to promote a healthy lifestyle to healthcare professionals and regular exercise is a part of that lifestyle. They know that a nurses schedule is a harsh one, so any time saved by not needing to change could mean the difference in exercising or not on any given day.

These Scrubs Look Good!

The final design quality of BeneFIT scrubs is the aesthetic look of them. Have you ever seen someone in a tailored suit and thought “Dang, they look good!” I know I have. The designers at BeneFIT wanted people to have the same thought when seeing nurses and doctors in their scrubs. That means serious thought went into the cut, the stitching, the pocket placement, etc. Healthcare professionals should have a uniform they are proud of. BeneFIT has provided just that.

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Scrubs will never be the same. BeneFIT has made sure of that. BeneFIT will never stop innovating. They are also trailblazers when it comes to customer service. They are always near our phones so if you have any questions for them, you can call at 918-609-5511, email at, or message them on their social media pages like on FaceBook or Instagram. BeneFIT has a great response time, and they truly want to help you.