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Let’s face it. Scrubs suck. The average pair of scrubs don’t come near to the quality that doctors and nurses deserve. They are boxy, uncomfortable, and unflattering uniforms for healthcare professionals that look, and feel, like you are wearing a potato sack to work. Doesn’t that rub you the wrong way(both literally and figuratively 😂)?

BeneFIT Medical Apparel says “Enough is enough!” BeneFIT believes that scrubs shouldn’t be boring work attire that you have to wear. They should be a stylish and comfortable uniform that you enjoy putting on every day. They also shouldn’t have the mobility freedom of a straight jacket. That is why the designers at BeneFIT used inspiration from your favorite activewear when creating their innovative scrubs. BeneFIT currently offers three different fashion lines of scrubs. Those options are Helix, Stealth, and Nexus.

Helix Scrubs

scrubs near me
Helix – Teal

First came Helix. Helix was the style that burst onto the scene in 2016. This line was designed through a lot of trial and error mixed with plenty of feedback from healthcare professionals working in a variety of medical fields. The final product was groundbreaking in the scrub world. Helix is athletically designed with four way stretch material as well as being liquid resistant. This line was so popular BeneFIT offered it in over 25 color options at one point. All with their signature black accents for slimming and other aesthetic features. 

Stealth Scrubs

Scrubs near em
Stealth – Wine. Check out that pen pocket

The next line released was Stealth. Stealth came about, once again, through customer feedback. While Helix was a great product, there were still many doctors and nurses out there that couldn’t wear it due to strict uniform restrictions. As plenty of you know, there are quite a few hospitals and even private offices out there that require solid color scrubs with no brand logos showing. BeneFIT couldn’t stand the thought of anybody out there not able to wear the best scrubs on the planet because of something as trivial as a dress code. That is when they released Stealth in the 10 most common uniform colors. All other features of Stealth are the same as Helix. If it isn’t broken, why fix it? Am I right?

Nexus Scrubs

Scrubs near me
Nexus – Black

Then, in 2019, Nexus arrived. Helix and Stealth were and are top of the line scrubs, but not everyone has the same tastes. BeneFIT listened to yet more customer feedback and designed their third line. They stuck to the athletic design and comfortability, but that is where the similarities end. Nexus was made to be more durable as well as with several aesthetic changes. BeneFIT used new stitching patterns that complement the human figure as well as a new hybrid V-neck design for the female line. 

Nexus also has two options for the top and two for the pants. The top options are the 3-pocket option consisting of one chest pocket and two above the waist and the 1-pocket option has only the one chest pocket for those that like the tucked in look. Both tops also have pen pockets on the sleeve, but we don’t count those lol. The pants options are the zip-flare and the jogger. The zip-flares are more utility based, coming with more pockets and a straight leg design that can be unzipped at the bottom for a little flare. The joggers are more minimalist with your standard jogger cuff at the ankles with standard pockets at the waist and on the back. 

And that’s it….for now. BeneFIT is always innovating. They know that the medical field is ever-changing and they plan on changing right with it. Message BeneFIT on Facebook or Instagram for any questions.