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BeneFIT Medical Apparel provides the best scrubs for healthcare professionals, hands down! No other scrubs comes near to the quality of BeneFIT scrubs. BeneFIT looked at the current scrub landscape and said to themselves “We can do better than this.” And our goal is just that, to provide the best uniform that healthcare professionals anywhere could find. In this article, I will give you the top 3 reasons that BeneFIT is the BEST.

1. BeneFIT Medical Apparel is Veteran Owned and Operated

James and Justin, the co-Founders of BeneFIT, are Air Force veterans. They have deployed to multiple locations in the Middle East including but not limited to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia. The team has grown to include two more Air Force veterans, Seth and JJ, as well as a first responder, Trent. Many lessons were learned during our training, not the least of which being the ability to adapt and overcome. We have translated those lessons we learned to the world of scrubs. We wanted to design scrubs that would enable a hard working healthcare professional to adapt to any situation and overcome any obstacle. A 12 hour shift can be chaotic to say the least. How about you wear a uniform that helps you rather than hinders you.

2. BeneFIT Medical Scrubs are Athletically Designed and Engineered

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The design of the apparel at BeneFIT is inspired by your favorite workout gear. There were 2 reasons behind this decision. First, we wanted an individual wearing our scrubs to feel comfortable, confident, and most importantly functional. Whether you are reaching to set up an IV or helping lift a patient, you should have the complete range of motion you need without fear of restricted movement or embarrassing shirt lifts. The second reason is to provide you with the opportunity and ability to get your gym time in without wasting time in the locker room. We all know the schedule of a healthcare professional is one of the most unforgiving there is. Why waste precious time changing in and out of your uniform when you can be in and out in record time?

3. BeneFIT Medical Has Unparalleled Customer Service

At BeneFIT, we believe that the most important person is the customer. We couldn’t do anything that we do without the customer. That’s why customer service is our number one priority. One way that we do this, is offering free exchanges to all orders within the US. We know how hard it is trying to get the right size while shopping online, so we have taken out the fear of receiving clothes that don’t fit and being stuck with them. We will pay for you to send the item back for another size. Another way we prioritize customer service is making ourselves available to you. You can contact us by phone at 918-609-5511, by email at, or by messaging one of our social media accounts like on Instagram or Facebook. And you can be confident that you will be talking to one of us here at BeneFIT. You won’t be talking to a computer or someone halfway across the world. We know that nobody is going to care about our customers more than we do so we handle all of their questions or issues personally.