Scrubs for Women | The Industry is Changing

This content was written for BeneFIT Medical

Style, comfort and durability are areas of perfection for BeneFIT Medical when we are talking scrubs for women. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), 2017 was the first year that more women enrolled in U.S. medical schools than men. More women in the medical profession is a trend that will not be changing soon. So why would we not be interested in companies that excel in medical apparel for women? Scrubs that are functional is not a new concept. But scrubs that look good and scrubs that feel good are absolutely new concepts. I have  found a company that excels in look and feel when it comes to scrubs for women.

The uniform for the working person is something our modern times has demanded. The woman working outside the home is something our modern times has demanded. Naturally women working outside the home will need to wear a uniform that matches the profession they choose. But women being a part of what the uniform the working person wears has not caught up as fast as many women desire. Scrubs for women has been an afterthought for most hardworking women who are trying to get by working long shifts, raising families and attempting to attain the American dream.

Look Good Feel Good

BeneFIT Medical has eased the burden for women who would like to look good and feel good while working and not just waiting until a shift is over to change into something decent. The ability to enjoy what you are wearing to work is something that soooooo many professions have, why shouldn’t this apply to us?!? Why shouldn’t scrubs for women that want to look and feel good at work be a priority for our profession as well?

Scrubs for Women
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Morale is important to any organization or industry. As a former athlete I know the basic principles of “if you look good you play good.” I also know “if you feel good you play good.” So I will argue it is vital for morale to look and feel good. BeneFIT Medical has revolutionized the medical scrub industry by applying these principles. Looking good and feeling good for women in scrubs is vital for performance. I wear a uniform I love. I will not wear a uniform I do not love.

Does BeneFIT Medical Apparel make scrubs for men? Sure, and welcome to this scrub movement y’all!  I feel like women are the drivers in this revolution nonetheless. More women in the medical profession means more balance and good things in the medical profession. Diversity drives so much positive change in America. The desire to provide high quality scrubs for women is just another example of a positive change. This change will positively affect the quality of life for everyone in the healthcare profession.