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This article was designed to let you know why BeneFIT is the best scrubs for men . Don’t worry ladies, we didn’t forget about you and know you’re rockstars too! We know we’re your go-to brand as well but this post goes out to our guys in healthcare. 

BeneFIT was actually started due to one of our founders, James Reynolds (@benefit_ceo ) being a former healthcare professional who wore scrubs and hated everything about them. The fit, feel, fabric, stitching, and overall design were garbage.

It’s very simple why we’re the go-to brand and best scrubs for men in healthcare: the overall design, fit, and functionality designed for males in our male lines. Men in all the healthcare fields love the overall design of our scrubs because we looked at every detail.

Before BeneFIT came along men were forced to choose between either the “trash bag fit” or the “potato sack get-up”…many Scrub lines only offered unisex options and only one cut just in different sizes. Our male line is specifically designed with the male healthcare professional in mind.

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Four-Way Stretch Material!

Why are BeneFIT Scrubs the best?


This is where BeneFIT is different and the best scrubs for men. We specifically designed our male and female line to be different based on the different anatomy of each, ex: bone structure, muscle mass, overall build, etc. Thta way you are not forced to settle for a uniform that does not fit your needs

The overall cut and fit are different. Which is beneficial and flattering for both our males and females. Shoulders, waist, sleeves, torso, thighs, chest…really everything about both lines are different..that said, we do have some who prefer to mix and match to fit their personal preference which we also encourage!

As always, FEEL FREE to reach out with any sizing questions as we are always happy to help! We personally help size customers everyday via social media and our customer support.


This article was written for BeneFIT Medical apparel