A New Diet and Fitness Beginning

By Justin Culver

Co-Founder, BeneFIT Medical Apparel

So, you already know how awesome our athletic fit scrubs are…but we now offer something just as awesome so that you may live the BeneFIT Lifestyle and crush all your diet and fitness goals…

As our primary mission, BeneFIT is bringing a new beginning to Healthcare Professionals around the globe.

To support our mission, we’ve released a suite of 12-Week diet and fitness workout programs and a book titled, Diet and Fitness Secrets: What Your Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Know, so that you can hold all the power and create a mindset ready take control of your health and your life.


So why do we think we got what it takes to change an entire industry by promoting health to Healthcare Professionals themselves? Because we have a systems view of the current Healthcare Industry and have identified several weak points within the industry that need attention.

The first weak point we’ve identified is the primary service uniform of the Medical Profession, the medical scrub.

We remedied that one back in 2016…

Ever seen an athletic style form fitting medical scrub out there in the field prior to our launch in 2016? Neither did we. That’s why we invented them for you.

Which brings me to a bigger question (which is perhaps an indictment on most of the Healthcare Profession itself), why did this product not already exist?  My answer to that question may be somewhat controversial…

I believe many, many, many Healthcare Professionals out there in the field aren’t practicing what they preach. Sure, they most likely advocate holistic health and preventative measures to their patients…but are they living it?

As cliché as that sounds, tell me just off the top of your head what’s the ratio of Doctors you know that are in good physical shape to those who are not? And what’s the ratio of Nurses you know who are in good physical shape to those who are not?

Now, I know being in good physical shape is correlative and not causal to having good health, so don’t get my message twisted. I also know this poll I’m asking you to take is totally generalizing and completely nonscientific, but I don’t care.

Even during the conception phase of our athletic fit medical scrub line we were hit by a flood of people working within the Healthcare Industry all saying basically the same thing, “You know you’re targeting a very niche market, there’s just not that many people in the Healthcare Industry that are in shape.”

What a shame that is…

But BeneFIT knows that an army of diet and fitness conscious Healthcare Pros exist, for we’ve heard the screams of a generation longing for more… a generation craving a better medical scrub that not only enhances their look and feel, but a medical scrub that provides them with a lifestyle designed for diet and fitness loving Healthcare Pros everywhere!

BeneFIT scrubs have already changed an entire industry. Our mission to provide busy Healthcare Pros around the world with the mindset and tools needed to take care of their own health as much as they do for others will change the entire world for the better.


BeneFIT was built on a foundation of hard work, determination, and strategically directed action to not only be successful, but to punch the lackluster Healthcare Industry in the chest and signal to the world that a new era of health and fitness conscious Healthcare Professionals have arrived!

BeneFIT strives to be a motivational and rallying force within the Healthcare Industry for those who wish to begin, continue, or regain a healthy lifestyle.

Blending a systems view of health with a lifestyle of diet and fitness, BeneFIT Medical Apparel is creating the Healthcare Lifestyle of the future for, and with, the brightest and most fit Healthcare Pros on the planet!

Join in the Healthcare Revolution and get your new workout routines at  https://benefitmedical.com/product-category/digital-products/

You are the Future!

Your Perfect Physique and Health Await You…