Liquid Resistant fabric which provides your first line of defense on the job.

The New Scrub Line That Everyone’s Talking About!

By Justin Culver

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

BeneFIT Medical Apparel 

Here’s my take on this… 

The days of poorly performing and sloppy fitting scrubs are extinct.

Why do I say this? Because we’ve launched the most Revolutionary set of scrubs in the history of this planet, a true invasive species to the scrub game. A true category killer and paradigm shifter…we call this wonderful work of art, Helix.

What is Helix? You might ask.

Helix is our new mid-protection, liquid resistant scrubs line. If you’ve tried our Light Protection you can already attest to the level of quality we provide in every set of scrubs we develop. Although these are not completely liquid proof (yes they wash fine in the washer) they offer your first line of defense against unwanted splashes and spills. 

With one glance, everyone who sees our Helix scrubs become instantly drawn in by their aesthetics, and with one donning of our scrub bottoms and the sliding on of our scrub tops, every Healthcare Professional instantly feels the immediate and profound improvements we’ve made to the scrub game.

Every single struggle you can think of with your current scrubs (saggy pants, boxy sleeves, tight in some places while loose in others, unflattering look, cheap fabric, you get the point) has been eliminated by our innovative designs.  

From thousands of requests by YOU the hardworking healthcare professionals we are rolling out 16 new colors to try and accommodate everyone’s needs! If we still don’t have your color fear not because we have more in the works! 

Athletic Adjustable waistbands for maximum comfort for all body types.

The evolution of scrubs designed for the true experts of their healthcare craft have arrived.

Adaptation is embedded within your DNA, and adaptation is embedded within BeneFIT Medical Apparel. With your help, we’re leading the Healthcare Industry into a better future! A Healthier future!

 You deserve the BEST, which is why we provide the BEST.

Helix Preorders run September 15th-24th on our website By pre-ordering you are guaranteeing your specific sizes, sets, and colors and will receive them before we offer them to anyone else in November. Everyone who pre-orders will also receive 1 of 7 of our brand new lifestyle shirts of their choice!

Be the trendsetter of your profession!

You are the future…

Join the Healthcare Revolution and reserve your athletic fit scrubs today!