5 Easy Tips to Be Healthy on a Busy Shift

Author: James Reynolds, CEO BeneFIT Medical Apparel


It’s no secret to anyone in healthcare, shifts can get chaotic! And while you’re focusing on keeping others healthy and saving lives it makes it very difficult to focus on YOUR OWN HEALTH!

Next thing you know you only have a 5 minute lunch break and have no time to grab a decent meal…next stop, the vending machine. WE ALL know the struggle!

Then after 10-12 hours of nonstop action it becomes very tempting to just grab 1500 calories of whatever fast food your empty stomach is screaming for that day. Let’s be real, cooking something is out of the question.

Do these scenarios sound familiar?! It’s because you’re not alone, and millions of others face the struggles daily!

Use these 5 EASY TIPS to help you plan for and succeed at having a healthier shift:

1.    Plan for Chaos. Like a doomsday prepper plans for the apocalypse you need to be ready for ANYTHING on shift. This includes a change of fitness clothes for physical activity on a break or after work. Or just use our Athletic Scrubs since they are designed for performance (If you don’t get messy of course). You will also need to plan your food out for the day so it is already on site if your time is limited.

2.    Plan out Your Meals. Being involved in fitness most of my life I always found it easier to eat healthy if I planned all my meals/food the night before. By doing this, I would have most of my calories I needed already available to me at work rather than being stuck to scavenge for junk or fast food on the go.

3.    Prep Large Quantities of Food at a Time. Like we all know, time is often limited and cooking is out of the question. This can be solved by cooking LOTS of food all at once on your off days and saving it for later. In this instance, the oven or grill is your friend. Season it up and cook a bag of chicken that will last you a few days or whatever healthy foods you are into. If you’re anything like me, once it’s cooked you won’t want to waste it so you eat on it until it’s gone. This will save some extra cash too!

4.    Find Time for Activity. Like I touched on in the first point, find time to be active. It can be as simple as taking the stairs over the elevator or going on a quick jog during your break. If you are in our Athletic Scrubs this makes it much more convenient since they are designed like athletic clothing and sweat resistant. You also won’t need a change of gym clothes either. Anyone can argue that there isn’t enough time, but if you really want something you’ll find time.

5.    Get an Accountability Partner at Work. This is the easiest step but it is also the most important. If you find someone at work you are around every day to either hold you accountable or join you in a healthier shift then your chances of success increase dramatically. Many people can let themselves down but if someone else is relying on you then you will think twice before getting that candy bar in the vending machine. People are also very competitive so if you turn your health journey into a competition with your partner then you are also more likely to commit to it. 

These are just a few basic steps you can take to make healthier choices during a shift that is not designed for a healthy lifestyle. But with the proper knowledge and attitude you can prepare for the worst and overcome it. Look for much more detailed blogs in the future which go in further depth on different health topics for healthcare professionals. Feel free to contact us with questions or request for our next healthy blog for medical professionals.