15 Reasons Why BeneFIT Scrubs DON’T Suck!


Scrubs suck!(well at least they use to) We all know the struggles. Baggy pants, sloppy fit, boxy sleeves, crappy waist, need I say more?

But why do they suck? They’re worn by people (you) that need the maximum amount of comfort and performance while taking care of others needs or even saving lives. They are worn by those who experience a 12-hour chaotic shift or work overnight. 

Again, why do they suck? They are worn by professionals who are everyday heroes and who selflessly deal with the worst possible scenarios on a daily basis for a not so attractive income.

Well, we at BeneFIT also asked the question why they sucked. And said to ourselves, “they don’t have to, and they shouldn’t”. SO WE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

We developed scrubs with the needs of YOU, healthcare professionals in mind and designed them with the well-being of YOU in mind. Don’t believe us? Well we will give you some reason below of why our scrubs DON’T SUCK! 

Here’s 15 reasons that separate our scrubs from any others on the market

1) They’re Wrinkle-Resistant. That’s right! Throw them on the ground, in your bag, or on the floor. When you use them again, no need to break out the iron because they will be good to go.

2) The fabric is SOFT! When we say soft we aren’t exaggerating. One nurse literally told us “It’s like wearing air”. Ya, that soft.

3) The design is inspired by athletic clothing. Sounds weird? Not really. Athletic clothing is the best fitting, most breathable clothing you probably own. Why not make your scrubs just as awesome!?

4) They FIT! Yes, they are not a trash bag or a potato sack, but instead a uniform that actually looks professional! Get it? “Bene-FIT!”

5) They are breathable! SHIFTS get CRAZY! No more nasty pit stains or beads of sweat down your back. They breathe WELL to prevent the SMELL!



6) The fabric stretches! Unlike traditional scrubs that look like a tent on your body our scrubs form to your body and stretch on the parts that need it! Just visualize yoga pants that aren’t as tight and an athletic shirt you would wear to the gym.

7) They are lightweight! Like I said earlier, feels like air on your body. The fabric isn’t going to restrict certain movements like you are use too. Instead it will move with you and provide flexibility without weighing you down.

8) They are functional! Bend, squat, sit, stand, run, walk, you name it! No more holes in the crotch, we all know the struggle!

9) POCKETS!! With two hidden pockets on the top and SEVEN, yes I said seven, pockets on the pants you can hold all of your gear you may need during your crazy shift!

10) They don’t shrink!! Our fabric is pre-shrunk so the size you order is the size you get! After the wash they won’t feel like you are wearing a constricting anaconda all over your body.



11) YOU CAN WORKOUT IN THEM! Also sound weird? Again, not really. Many healthcare professionals have crazy schedules so right before, during, or after your shift (if you don’t get messy of course) go on a quick jog, bike ride, or something else to burn off those extra calories you discovered in the vending machine!

12) There is nothing else like them! Don’t believe us? Go look for other scrubs with all these attributes. Tired of looking yet?  Anywhere you look “BeneFIT Medical Apparel” will pop up because we are ONE OF A KIND!

13) They are FASHIONABLE! Not only are they designed for performance but for lack of a better term these scrubs are CUTE! The female line at least. The male line on the other hand is a completely different style and designed to make you look like the king of all MURSES!

14) They are PROFESSIONAL! Wearing sloppy box scrubs makes you look like you don’t care about your appearance when you OBVIOUSLY DO. Why not wear a uniform that helps you express the fact you take pride in saving lives on a daily basis?!

15) If you have made it this far, are not convinced, and still haven’t purchased your pair, I only have one word left to describe them. AWESOME! These scrubs won’t disappoint and they are made with YOU, the HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL in mind!

So why settle for less…when you can BeneFIT!!!!!

Join the Healthcare Revolution and get your athletic fit scrubs at www.benefitmedical.com today!