The Future of Scrubs is Now!

By Justin Culver

Chief Strategy Officer

BeneFIT Medical Apparel

Welcome to the future of medical scrubs!

You are the trendsetters of the Medical Industry.

You recognize changes in the wind and the tipping points of events.

BeneFIT Medical Apparel combined with health and fitness conscious Medical Professionals like you, are that tipping point.

Today is day two of the Medical Revolution, a day where you, the health and fitness conscious Medical Professional can place your preorders and reserve the best athletic fit scrubs on the planet.

BeneFIT Medical Apparel recognizes that Medical Professionals need a varying degree of defense from their scrubs. So we present to you Light Protection, the world’s first athletic fit scrubs designed with less-messy medical roles in mind. But for those Medical Professionals working in the more messy healthcare professions, don’t worry, we have your Heavy Protection line in the works!

We are not your average scrubs company, and you are not the average Medical Professional.

March 10th 2016 marked the day mankind adapted beyond the tyranny of the baggy potato sack style scrubs, a day where health and fitness conscious Medical Professionals all around the globe can finally reserve a set of athletic fit scrubs specifically designed with your needs and lifestyle in mind.   

BeneFIT Medical Apparel’s Light Protection line blends the best of quality, comfort and performance at a level unseen in scrubs today, and that’s just at the functionary level.

Recognizing that true Medical Professionals need and want more out of their scrubs than function alone, our design team has blended all the wonderful functionary properties of Light Protection with heavy doses of fashion.

With one glance, everyone who sees our Light Protection scrubs become instantly drawn in by their aesthetics, and with one donning of our scrubs bottoms and the sliding on of our scrub tops, every Medical Professional instantly feels the immediate and profound improvements we’ve made to the scrubs game.

The days of poorly performing and sloppy fitting scrubs are extinct. The evolution of scrubs designed for the true experts of their medical craft have arrived.

Adaptation is embedded within your DNA, and adaptation is embedded within BeneFIT Medical Apparel. With your help, we’re leading the Medical Industry into a better future!

Be the trendsetter of your profession.

You are the future…

Join the Medical Revolution and reserve you athletic fit scrubs