BeneFIT was created to bring a better quality, better functioning scrub to the market. A scrub that Medical Professionals would look forward to wearing on a daily basis, not only in their respected work environments, but also during everyday activities like working out in the gym or yoga.


The company name “BeneFIT” was derived from the desire to provide a high quality versatile product beneficial to Medical Professionals in as many ways possible. The “FIT” in the title is capitalized to put emphasis on the fitness mentality that many unheard Medical Professionals have been screaming for throughout decades. BeneFIT was built on a foundation of hard work, determination, and strategically directed action to not only be successful, but to punch the lacklusterMedical Industry in the chest and signal that a new era of health and fitness conscious Medical Professionals have arrived.



The concept for an athletic style scrub was originally developed by co-owners and Air Force Veterans James Reynolds and Dylan Croslin. James and Dylan both come from fitness backgrounds and are currently attending Oklahoma State University.


James is finishing the Health Promotion and Exercise Science Bachelor program while also working in multiple health fields to include pharmacy and personal training. This experience has allowed James to personally understand what is desired by Medical Professionals in a perfectly fitting multifunctional set of scrubs.


Dylan is currently finishing his Entrepreneurship Bachelor program. This unique program provides Dylan with a variety of skills to help successfully start and grow a business from conception to maturity.


Along with their combined health promotion and business backgrounds, James and Dylan are enlisted in the United States Air Force. Their military training has instilled within them a high level of discipline, determination, and motivation to be successful at any task put before them. The Air Force core values are “integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all you do”. These core values provide an insight into the mentality the BeneFIT team reflects in their personal, military, and business lives.



James and Dylan have been friends for years and began discussing the idea of starting a business in both the health, fitness, and fashion industries in early 2015. This casual “What if?” conversations soon turned into “Why are we still talking about it? Let’s do this.”, and “BeneFIT” Medical Apparel, an athletic fit medical scrub designed for health and fitness conscious Medical Professionals was born.



In the summer of 2015, James and Dylan served on an Active Duty Air Force mission. Among their great Air Force team, James and Dylan were accompanied by a like-minded individual named Justin Culver. After hundreds of Entrepreneurial type conversations with Justin, James and Dylan decided to offer the fellow Air Force Veteran a partnership opportunity.


In October of 2015, James and Dylan added Justin to the BeneFIT team creating a Triumvirate of passion and knowledge. Justin studied Health Promotion, and Occupational Safety and Health in college, and strives to bring a strategic vision of continuous improvement to BeneFIT Medical Apparel and the Medical Community.


Blending a systems view of health with a lifestyle of diet and fitness, BeneFIT Medical Apparel is creating the Medical Lifestyle of the future for, and with, the brightest and most fit Medical Professionals on the planet.