Want To Look Your BEST For Halloween!? Here’s How…

By Justin Culver

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

BeneFIT Medical Apparel

High School Jeans getting a little tight on you?

Have you been eyeing an awesome Halloween Costume but unsure if you can pull it off?

Then it’s time to reconsider your diet and exercise routine…Sounds cliché and overly simple right? 

That’s because it is simple…but that doesn’t mean SIMPLE is EASY.

But here’s the good news, losing weight is DOABLE! And chances are you already know how to do it! Life just gets crazy and it’s not as convenient.

Being a brand that promotes a healthy lifestyle for hardworking, always-on-the-go healthcare professionals like yourself we feel obligated to give all the information we can on how to play the part. Or at least remind you of what you already know.

Endless cardio sessions, crunches, and sit-ups alone are not the only answer. A few no-brainers everyone seems to forget (myself included time-to-time) is to train smart and consistently, and to eat clean and count calories.

Being in a caloric deficit (through caloric restriction/burning is the key to lowering your body fat all the way to a flat stomach or abs.

Here are some more basic tips to help you out:

 1)    Ditch the Junk from Your Diet 

Tis’ the season for candy and other junk food, right? 

Junk food will typically blow your calorie count out of the water for the day, maybe even the next few days while providing little to no micronutrients.  

And having little to no micronutrients in your system, your body will just crave more food, which will add more calories, which will probably just be stored as fat.  

So if you want to look great in your medical scrubs, your costume, or in nothing at all, steer clear of sugar, soda, white flour, cookies, pastries, and other foods can potentially add inches to your waistline.

I’ve always heard, “Abs are made in the kitchen”, and it’s so true. One can burn 1500 calories in a single gym session (which is intense) but if they still exceed their caloric max for the day, their body will go into fat storage mode. No Bueno. The 90s are over, bruh…Dirty Bulking is dead.

2)    Consume Healthy Fats  

Not only will consuming healthy fats keep you from going insane with random intense food craving and attacking a vending machine in the breakroom when you think no one else is …essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, have been shown to reduce visceral fat and inflammation. Win-Win!

When consumed regularly, healthy fats can significantly lower your risk of heart disease. Again, by eating more fats, you’ll feel full longer which will help you regulate your appetite on all those stupid-long shifts your maniac supervisor sentences you to.

Tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, avocado, almonds and unrefined vegetable oils are some of the best sources of healthy fats…that Honey Bun starring at you seductively through the glass of the vending machine is not.  

You can also get these omegas in supplement form at almost any drug or supermarket next to the vitamins.

3)    Meal Prep!

If you work full-time in health care, you already know you probably won’t be able to cook balanced meals every single day!

This is where meal prepping comes in handy… 

Choose a day between shifts to buy groceries and cook your food in advance. Leave the candy corn at home…better yet, leave it at the store. 

Grill, steam, or roast the meat, and freeze it for later use.

Chop your favorite vegetables and leave them in the fridge.

Prepare healthy snacks, such as trail mixes, vegetable chips, and homemade protein bars. This way, you’ll save time and eat clean without the need to cook all day long.  

4)    Train Smart

Despite common perception, spot-reduction in a myth…

What do I mean by spot-reduction? One cannot simply train abs and expect the body to burn the exact fat cells surrounding said abs. Your body burns fat in whatever order your genetics tell it to. 

But fear not, there are definitely ways to help reveal your abs and lose fat!  

Your workout could include a mix of strength training, low intensity high duration cardio training, and high intensity exercise, such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

If you’re short on time, do full body circuits followed by HIIT two or three times a week. Your BeneFIT medical scrubs were conceived and born for such things! You’ll have no problem busting out reps and sets in you BeneFIT scrubs.

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